Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Inside Style Plans On Christmas

Vote for The Best Christmas Table Decor http://woobox.com/yybyr2 Every year around this time, when the #snow starts falling (well, maybe not here in #LasVegas) and the temperature drops, when we all start panicking over what to get whom and where the best deals are, when we start buying plane tickets and getting our homes ready for family to visit, we at Insidestyle love to put on our annual 12 Days of Christmas series to show you all what we’re lusting after this year!

Check out our Day 1 of Christmas here to get our series started – the posts are quick, fun, and packed with pics of our holiday desires!

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a new way to decorate this Christmas, you’ll love the Insidestyle tips for decorating the dinner table!

 Kelly’s Day 2 Plan on Christmas is to got some spectacular art in mind, while Lauren’s got a fairy tale esque tabletop fixture on her list. Marc’s looking to replace his ancient car with one that’s at least from the last 10 years, and Jill’s rounding things off with her own idea for a car – though hers is a bit more specific than Marc’s!

Lauren’s pick for a pair of high heels on third Day of Christmas while Kelly asks for an absolutely incredible piece of lighting art and Marc and Jill both go the route of books (though it seems Jill is looking for quite a few more than Marc is!).

Here we are at the Insidestyle fourth Day of Christmas, and it’s a beauty – much like the designer jewelry and accessories the ladies want and the awesome Euro bike Marc has on his mind!

What good is a David Yurman ring without a matching David Yurman bracelet to go with it? See it on the Insidestyle fifth Day of Christmas, and check out their great ideas for architecture and even a model body :)

For the Insidestyle 6th Day of Christmas, it’s all about art and tech for the IS team. From wall art to street art, from tablet to laptop, today’s edition has some classic and original ideas for great Christmas gifts!

On Insidestyle’s Day 7 of their 12 Days of Christmas, the girls and Marc are making it classy with a little Chanel, a total wardrobe overhaul, and an absurd amount of flowers!

We’ve made it to Day 8 of Christmas with the Insidestyle crew, and for the two-thirds mark they’re all about travel! From Europe to tropical island getaways, today’s post from IS will help you “get away” this winter season.

On the 9th Day of Christmas, your true love is supposed to give to you 9 ladies dancing, but for the crew at Insidestyle there will be something quite different in store. Head over to their interior design blog to catch up to today and see what they have in store today as they gear up for the final fourth of their 12 Days of Christmas series.

We’ve officially made it to the final quarter of the Insidestyle 12 Days of Christmas. And to kick off the final three days of the series, their post for today shows a 10th Day of Christmas that’s got one of the coolest sculptures you’ll ever see, plus some incredible local Las Vegas music, and more!

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