Sunday, January 5, 2014

Get More Out of LinkedIn

When you think about valuable social media profiles for a professional business to optimize to ensure an effective social presence, which sites do you think of? Probably Facebook most immediately, then probably Twitter, and possibly even Pinterest if you’re really in the know.
 But are you missing out on one of the most important profiles with some of the highest potential to bring a big boost in traffic, credibility, and networking opportunities for you and your business? There’s one that should be popping out immediately, one that’s designed specifically for businesses and yet most businesses drastically under use it and pay too little attention to it. Give up? We’re talking about LinkedIn!

If you haven’t developed a plan to optimize your LinkedIn profile, you have to check out this post to make sure you’re not wasting a huge opportunity for developing an effective presence that can provide some huge benefits to your social presence. There could be a lot of wasted potential sitting right under your nose!

If you’ve already seen part one of that series or are ready for some extra tips, check out the second part of the optimizing LinkedIn series, too!