Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ways to Use YouTube for Social Media

YouTube is an incredible tool for people who love sharing their personalities, conveying information to hungry viewers who have questions they need answered, and for people who just plain love entertaining people or simply making videos as a creative outlet. But what about YouTube for social media marketing?

If you’re simply using YouTube to throw some videos on the internet then posting a link back to your website in the description below it, you are quite simply missing the point of YouTube as a social media outlet and have a lot of room to improve your social presence!
YouTube is a social media outlet all its own, complete with networking opportunities, backlink potential, and even user engagement and sharing. There are simple social sharing tools built right in, as well as opportunities to comment on and share links to videos with fellow users.

This is a very important social outlet, but you have to treat it as such. Using YouTube effectively means not only posting great content to it that links back to your website and hoping for the best, but utilizing all of your other social media profiles for a varied approach that incorporates all your channels to fully engage your followers.

Of course doing all this and creating an effective “social media chain” or funnel for users to follow isn’t quite that easy. You’ll just have to see the post to learn more about that!

And in the meantime, make sure your actual videos are looking great by learning how to use YouTube’s video editing.

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