Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tips To Decorate Dinning Table This Holiday

If there’s one part of the home that gets way too little attention to design ideas and creativity considering how often it’s used (especially when hosting!) and how prominent it tends to be in the home, it’s… have a guess? If you thought “dinner table,” then you were right on the money with my idea!

Think about it: you eat there every night (well, maybe not everyone does this), it’s the centerpiece of your time together whenever you invite friends and family over, and it’s a huge fixture that sits right in the middle of one of the most social rooms in your home.
People come over and hover around the kitchen and dining area as food is prepared, and then all sit together whenever the food is ready to enjoy time together and socialize. Then, after dinner is over, we still sit around the table for maybe as long as several hours more playing games or having drinks or just talking over dessert!

So how much attention do you really pay to the way you decorate your table? It’s the time of year now that we’re eating lots of big dinners at home and inviting people over and celebrating and all that jazz, so you’d better make sure your table is ready.

Las Vegas interior designer Jill Abelman recently put this fantastic winter table setting together for client Bobbi Billard, and if you need some inspiration, she’s got tons of pics up along with detailed instructions and even a shopping list to make it all happen! You can really recreate your table in just an hour with her help!

And if you loved that table, be sure to help Jill by voting for her in BLVD magazine’s interior design competition. Just visit that link and click “Vote” at the bottom on the second pic to help Jill out!

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