Saturday, November 16, 2013

Social Media Demographic

After a huge growth in stock values after closing the third quarter, Facebook made an announcement that dropped their stocks – and people’s faith in them. Apparently Facebook is seeing a decline in interest from the “young teen” demographics that helped make it the most popular social media outlet in the world.

The company’s Chief Financial Advisor released a statement confirming what many have been suspicious of over the past year – that the company hasn’t been appealing to the young teenagers who use it well enough. Some note that this is due to boredom with the site. It could also be attributed to the tentative nature of the social media demographic, which is famously highly susceptible to influence and to new media outlets and fast engagement.

Twitter still doesn’t seem to be showing any problems holding this age group’s interest, and it’s unlikely that social media across the board will suffer, but Facebook has ground to make up.

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