Monday, January 18, 2016

Web Design Trends for 2016 - To Boost Audience Engagement and Conversion

Some of the best websites, that are set to dominate the 2016 period; include minimalism. ‘Efficiency’ being the key word to website design. Components that effectively convey their intended message whilst causing the slightest attention loss from the visitor are one of the main ingredients. Before you read on; remember to add your own perspective in the comments section given below. This is the full roundup of the latest and most ‘efficient’ web design trends for the year 2016;

  • Stock Photographs
Stock photographs give a unique insight into the designer’s vision for the website and will continue to be a valuable asset for efficient digital marketing.
  • One- Colored Themes
This is a rare sight but one that has solid potential to break into mainstream.

  • The Parallax effect
Integrating neat little transitions and animations using CSS 3 was an effective technique that could continue well throughout 2016.
  • Interactive Backgrounds
Many websites currently employ creative video or flash backgrounds to intrigue the visitors
  • Simple Navigation
Hamburger menus as well as other such features reduce navigational effort.
  • Attention to Content
Attractive and dramatic typography helps achieve the main objective of minimalist design, reducing attention from the superfluous and emphasizing on the essential.
  • Use of Negative Spaces and Visual Harmony
In minimalist ideology, the negative spaces are the white surrounding an essential component.
  • Card UI Design
Simplistic segments that contained one type of data as signified in the Card User interface have largely been popularized through popular social networking sites like Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Interactive Websites
With gesture support and addition of multi-touch, mobile technologies are the way to go.

Check Full Post Web Design Trends 2016 to read more about:

  • Use of Web-Graphics and Micro-Interactions
  • Animations that “pop!”
  • Page Motion
  • Background Transitions 
  • Vibrant and Refreshing Colors
  • Storytelling

Last but not the least, no one is going to play by the rules; find out what combinations work for your site and do that. Innovate and inspire. Introduce those ideas to carve your niche. For the complete round-up, check out our Web Design , Digital Marketing and Social Media Blog  at Pyxel Web Design Company UK

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