Thursday, January 21, 2016

Digital Marketing Strategy Based on Predictions for 2016 - Ready To Beat Your Competition

Digital marketing is a dynamic, versatile and explosive process that requires careful and strategic planning. Consider it equivalent to fighting the Greek mythological monster; the Hydra. Each time you chop off a head, two others spring in its place. In popular legend, Hercules manages to eliminate his foe by using the stratagem of burning those heads. Unfortunately in this regard; digital marketing is a never ending struggle. Even after you manage to achieve your objective; it takes a lot of struggle and strategic planning to maintain presence in the digital community.

For your convenience, compiled and listed below are eight digital marketing strategies to stay sharp in your marketing efforts.

Do not rely on search engines so much.

Digital Marketing professionals are advised to engage their target segments through more direct forms of interacting, rather than through search engines.

Do not underestimate the power of the spoken word

Social Conversion is bound to dominate the renaissance of digital marketing. Recommendation has always been a determining factor in the buying decision but in coming years it is bound to increase.

Revolutionary methods of payment

Add Bitcoin, PayPal and Google Wallet to the mix and you have a nice little source of revenue from each and every confirmed customer. However, adding more payment methods to your site is only recommended if you can keep them all maintained.

Automation of Marketing

However as we progress into the New Year, we can expect a general shift in marketing practices for 2016. This year; there is a multitude of service providers who pride themselves on streamlining the marketing effort and facilitating the campaigning processes.

Focus more on Mobile Devices.

To achieve this purpose; you can utilize mobile search engine optimization, mobile conversions and even mobile apps to divert the user to the desired conclusions.

Improve the rate of Conversion for your website

Getting the visitor to your site is hard but retaining them is another quest altogether. One that does not get the attention so deserved. Streamlining the rate of conversions is highly recommended as it takes fewer resources and generates a higher ROI.

Source Digital Marketing Strategy 2016 Predicted By Web Design Company UK On Their Web Design Blog

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