Friday, February 7, 2014

How to Create Your Own YouTube Show

Ever wish you could create your own show? Well, unless you’re actively working in the TV industry to get some kind of television pitch together, there’s a good chance the only way you can do it is through YouTube. And thanks to their new YouTube Shows feature, it’s easier than ever – but there’s a catch.

Officially you have to be an official YouTube partner to be able to create a “YouTube Show,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t finagle your way into creating a personalized web series using the simple tools available to every basic user.

Here’s how to create YouTube Shows for free – it’s everything you need to know to get a great series together that’s cohesive, branded, and totally free to basic users with no need to register for the highly selective preferred partnership.

YouTube shows are great not just for entertainment, but for brands and online marketing campaigns, too. So no matter who you are, there’s probably a way you can benefit from creating a free YouTube show.

Got your series running? Here’s how to edit YouTube videos with free software!

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