Thursday, February 6, 2014

Best Time to Share a Blog Post on Social Media Sites

How much attention do you pay to the nature, behavior, habits, and preferences of your social followers? Turns out that if you don’t know how to time your social posts in a way that promotes engagement best, you’re probably wasting a huge chunk of your social media efforts.

Instead of risking continual time, effort, and possibly even money waste by continuing to post at times that aren’t efficient or effective in promoting engagement, you should take some time to figure out your following’s preferences.

That post will show you the tips you need to start testing and understanding your audience so you can avoid taking risks like:
  •  Posting at times your general followers are not online or ready to engage with social posts
  • ·         Posting too soon, leading to your posts getting buried beneath newer posts
  • ·         Posting too late to be read in a timely or relevant manner

All these things lead to low readership, low click through rates, and low sharing. So learn how to avoid them!

While there’s no one size fits all method for posting, there are some general facts and rules thumb you can use to improve engagement, like making the types of posts people are more likely to share!

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