Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tumblr: Marketing and Social Analytics

Do you that Tumblr has 140 million+ micro blogs on it with over 10 billion page views a month. Of course you can always keep a blog on there for your own general interests, but come on, over 10 billion page views a month and you’re not going to try some social media marketing?
Tumblr – how do you use it? Most of the millions of people who use the site are on there to get quick fixes on the highly addictive microblogging forerunner, giving online and social media marketers a big field of potential markets to appeal to.
If you are  using Tumblr effectively? Here’s an essential look at how to put on a highly effective (and free!) Tumblr marketing campaign! You really can’t miss this if you’re looking for a complete approach to SMM, which is really important in today’s marketing landscape.
If you pay attention to the performance of your social presence or online marketing efforts, you know that analytics are the most powerful tools you have for improving your campaigns. And it’s no different with Tumblr!

Tumblr also has some considerable disadvantages. Those used to WordPress and custom-built websites might be disappointed to find that their Tumblr pages offer less flexibility in terms of formatting and features. As +Mashable  has pointed out previously, Tumblr themes can be enhanced with widgets and sidebars and the structure of the newsfeed can be altered, but it can't be completely reworked to the extent that more full-featured blogging services such as WordPress can.

Tumblr analytics are extremely important for optimizing your Tumblr campaign, and in that post you’ll find the metrics you need to know about plus a free tool for custom tracking to help keep your Tumblr functioning at high efficiency.

Still not using Tumblr for marketing? Here’s why Tumblr marketing matters!

New to Tumblr? Here’s everything you need to know about how to use Tumblr and why you should be using it for marketing in the first place!

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