Saturday, January 18, 2014

SEO Trends in 2014 and Local Citation

It is no secret that Google will be boasting some major, major chances throughout 2014 in the way they implement search rankings, and thus it should also be no secret that you are going to have to change your 2014 SEO plans to keep your website and all its links relevant – especially with your local citation presence.

Local citations will be considered very differently this year than they were up till now, and failure to comply with the new way of doing things could result in a knock to your website’s search ranking.
But there are lots of other changes in the works this year, too.
For the uninitiated, a local citation is basically just your business name and address getting mentioned together somewhere on the internet other than your website. Most people make this happen through local business directories like Yelpand Angie’s List, but you can also guest blog, trade mentions with other websites, submit press releases, and do pretty much whatever you do for backlinking.
To fix up your local citations (ALL of them!) FAST, use PuTTin’ OuT’s new citation fix software!

Check out this series on Google’s SEO changes for 2014 to keep up.

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