Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Local Citation SEO and Small Business

If you have been using the same old local citation SEO approaches for a long time now, it is time to start rethinking the way you approach localcitation SEO.

The key to local citations is that they are meant to be used for localized marketing tactics and for connecting people to physical locations near them, so it is absolutely vital that you treat them like that. Spamming them on the internet could result in some bad mojo from Google’s end, so be careful.

All of this is a response to some of the recent important Google updates for SEO, so be sure to check them out and keep up with the times!
Local citation SEO is a big deal for your website and its search ranking these days. Its importance is twofold: not only can local citations build up your klout with Google to improve your search ranking, but it makes it possible for your local markets to find your business in search engines.

If you aren’t keeping up with Google’s changes to local citations, your website could be in danger and your business could be missing out on big business!

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