Monday, January 6, 2014

Google Plans for Search And SEO in 2014

In 2014, we may start seeing some big changes in the way #GoogleSERP (search engine results page). This could mean big changes for a look and feel that’s been fairly consistent over the past few years.

According to Dr.+Pete Meyers , who has done considerable research on the experiments and trials that Google runs, users can probably expect a more intricate layout by sometime next year. In part, this will
possibly mean a different look to sponsored ads. Rather than the pinkish background they show now, these may feature no difference in background, but a small, yellow icon that simply reads, “Ad.”

Additionally, these ads may find their way into being interspersed throughout the search results, rather than just along the side or at the top and bottom of them, leading to much more advertiser-friendly CTRs.

These and several other changes are only speculation, but seem to be high in probability.

If you’ve been an avid follower of Google PageRank, then you know there hasn’t been an update in 2013 since February 4th. The program that typically updates quarterly has been down since it crashed that month, and in October this year Google’s head of Webspam Matt Cutts announced that it was unlikely they would attempt to fix it anytime in 2013 – if at all.

Users and SEO experts were thus very surprised to find that the PageRank system updated finally today, December 6th. Though very few significant changes to PageRanks were probably made, it’s still significant in that the gauge to web success via GoogleSERP will likely now be regularly updated.

Still, those who follow and abide by Google PageRank shouldn’t take this to heart too much. It may actually mean less for search ranking than most people think, and anyone who uses the tool should first fully understand what Google PageRank is.

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