Sunday, January 5, 2014

Google Analytics Basics

Google analytics – it’s a phrase most of us probably shudder at a little bit, thinking it’s one of those techie terms for the experts and “nerds” with the know how to decipher numbers and figures. But if you have anything to do with an online presence and marketing your website in any capacity, you absolutely have to know some Google Analytics basics.

There you will find some of the really essential and surprisingly simple figures to look for in a Google Analytics account with breakdowns of what they really mean for you. Understanding the way traffic comes to (or doesn’t come to, or leaves, or behaves overall) your website can make all the difference in figuring out how to optimize your site and content structure to improve traffic for real gains. Thanks for such informative info graphics 

Already have a good grasp of your analytics? Need a new way to get traffic to your site? Try offering e-books to bring people in! Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think to create one with one of these free e-book templates!

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